We at Diamonds Escorts believe that an escort agency should be a professional business that provides its clientele with an enjoyable experience. Towards that end, we have developed some policies and practices that promote a safe and enjoyable environment for both you, our valued client, and our escorts.

If you are the type of client who respects the escorts for the professionals they are, you may not find anything in here that surprises you. If you are new to seeing escorts, or are accustomed to seeing escorts in other cities in North America, you may wish to read through.

  1. Client service is very important to us. We work hard to make sure that your experience is safe and enjoyable. However, if you have any issue with our services, please contact us immediately. A delay in contacting us will impact our ability to correct the issue and make it right.

  2. We understand that your privacy and confidentiality are of the utmost importance. Diamonds Escorts only maintains records of appointments in aggregate for tax purposes so no client information is ever retained in any form.

  3. We are a drug-free agency. If you are looking for an escort to get high with, or keep you company while you get high, please call somewhere else. We don't want your business. Any client who uses illegal narcotics while in the company of one of our escorts will find that the escort will leave and no refund will be given. You will also be blacklisted and will not be allowed to use our service again. There are no second chances.

  4. Any attempt to injure, intimidate or threaten any of our escorts may result in you being surrendered to a local law enforcement agency.

  5. Our escorts appreciate that when they arrive a client is freshly showered and has fresh breath. Clients who consistently show a low standard of personal hygiene will be blacklisted.

  6. If you are intoxicated when your escort arrives, the escort will leave. If you are obviously intoxicated when you call for an escort, the escort won't even arrive.

  7. Our escorts are free to refuse any client for any reason. Our escorts are open-minded and friendly, but no means no. Under no circumstances is an escort to be restrained or subject to humiliation or other such treatment.

  8. Clients who persist in asking for the escort's personal information, email addresses, phone numbers or provide their contact information to the escort for the purposes of contact outside of the agency will be blacklisted. The Niagara Region is an open area for the escort industry, meaning that anyone who chooses to work as an escort may do so. Our escorts prefer the security an agency provides. If they wanted to work as independent escorts, they would be doing so.

  9. Tips are appreciated but not required. Our rates are all-inclusive and include escort fees, transportation costs and agency fees. If you are inappropriately asked for a tip, please contact us immediately.

  10. Your appointment time begins when the escort arrives at your door. You will never be asked to pay for transportation time. Our escorts stay for the entire time of your appointment unless you ask them to leave early.

  11. Owners and dispatchers are not escorts here. We believe that an owner or dispatcher who also works as an escort is an unfair practice to other escorts.

  12. Our escorts have a dress code and are expected to be dressed appropriately. Please let the dispatcher know if you wish for the escort to wear a certain type of clothing or specific outfit to your appointment.

  13. Any client who feels he has been deceived about an escort's appearance is free to refuse the appointment at the door, at no cost. Any reputable agency will offer this guarantee. When the escort arrives and no such refusal is made, then the escort will ask for payment for the appointment. Once payment is completed, then no refund will be available.

  14. Only one client per escort please. If there is more than one person at your location when the escort arrives, the escort will leave. If anyone else arrives during the appointment, the escort will leave and you will not receive a refund.

  15. If your appointment is for a stag or bachelor party, for security reasons, we require a minimum of 2 escorts and no more than 4 party attendees per escort.

  16. We only provide appointments in the Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada. Under no circumstances will we provide appointments outside of that area.

  17. Our services are for time and companionship only. No other services are expressed or implied. Our escorts are independent contractors and solely responsible for their actions during the appointment. The limit of liability for Diamonds Escorts in any and all matters is the agency fee portion of the rate, if that amount is received by the agency from the escort. If the agency doesn't receive the agency fee from the escort then Diamonds Escorts assumes no liability in any and all matters.